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We're constantly striving to grow and build within our communities. ASCC currently sits on The Bridge committee, and is involved in a variety of annual community initiatives like the #Crushin' Booth, and LSPIRG Rad Week. We also participate in campus initiatives at Wilfrid Laurier University, like decorating residence bulletin boards with consent themed content, and running St. Patrick's Day themed safer sex workshops.

If you're interesting in collaborating with us or want to find out more about us, contact us here! 


ASCC has created a comprehensive Health Guide resource for Brantford community members looking to access sexual and reproductive healthcare services in their community. This guide is specifically geared towards the needs of survivors and 2SLGBTQ+ folks living in Brant. Please check the guide out here, complete with testimonials, access info and info on related topics such as self-advocacy.


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(Un)Silenced is a participatory art project built through submissions received in 2017.


As co-founder Taylor Berzins shared with CBC, (Un)Silenced was created to resist dominant narratives about sexual violence in which representations of survivors in both the media and our daily lives do not reflect our bodies, races, sexual orientations, religions and genders—let alone our needs, personalities and strength.


(Un)Silenced claims space to creatively reflect upon our experiences and allow survivors to exist on their own terms.

(Un)Silenced pieces have been displayed in the Diversity Art Series at the Yellow Brick Wall in Brantford and at the Pebble Mosaic Public Art Installations at the Brantford Labour Centre. Some pieces were also shown at a Sexual Health for Youth conference in Toronto.



Sex Pos[itive] Sex Ed is a social media campaign that discussed sex education through an inclusive, trauma-informed, pleasure-centered, lens. Sex education doesn’t stop once students leave high school, and with this in mind, ASCC aimed to create a campaign that tended to some of the questions and encounters we’ve seen during our time as post-secondary students.



#CareWhenTheyShare is a social media campaign designed to provide suggestions and support related to responding to a disclosure of sexual violence. Organized around five steps: 1. Believe Them, 2. Listen, 3. Don’t Ask Questions (or Pry for Details), 4. Mirror Their Language, and 5. Ask How You Can Support Them Best, this campaign discussed best practices for supporting people in our lives who have experienced sexual violence.



You deserve to know how to access sexual and reproductive healthcare in your community. Brantford has limited resources in this area, so we want to inform you of your options. This accessible grassroots community resource will focus on healthcare needs for queer and trans folks, survivors of sexual violence, and for those seeking to access abortion. This resource will be available soon. In the meantime, we invite individuals who have accessed healthcare services Brantford to participate in the Health Guide project by completing a community input survey here.

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#ConsentED is a project created by Eleanor McGrath, developed from her MSW thesis “Let’s Talk About (Consensual) Sex!”, which explores knowledge and confidence about sexual consent and the need for better sex education. #ConsentED provides facts about legal consent and sexual violence in multimedia formats, offering a space for the community to begin negotiating the often uncomfortable and challenging concept of consent. Turning valuable academic research into a vibrant and critical exhibit, #ConsentED is a community resource that enhances consent education.



Sex Ed Summer School is a social media campaign run throughout the summer of 2018 in response to Doug Ford and the Ontario government’s move to revert from the 2015 update back to the 1998 version of the Ontario Health and Physical Education curriculum. Keeping in line with ASCC’s values, we vehemently oppose this move made by the government because it leaves youth vulnerable through the spread of outdated information. Our campaign responds to the removal of LGBTQ2S+ representation, consent, and media and internet-related content from the curriculum. We used Sex Ed Summer School as a means to promote resources, organizations, and tangible tips related to comprehensive and inclusive sex education.



#OutsideTheBedroom is a social media campaign that addressed the nuances of consent and its boundaries. Consent is a practice that cannot be limited to the interactions of sexual relationships, instead consent is a practice that should be taken up in the daily ways we relate to one another and co-exist. Consent applies to our relationship to nature and the land, how we touch each other in non-sexual contexts, and the things we share with one another (like food or information).



Take Back/Talk Back was a survivor art project aimed at “taking back the things unspoken, things unheard, things ignored, [and] things forgotten.” The pieces spoke to the mishandling of sexual violence disclosures on campus, as well as struggles, fears and experiences related to disclosure and experiences of sexual violence. This project was inspired by the artist Frizz Kid’s work for Sexual Assault: the Roadshow, and the sheets were created with the artist's consent.



The "Crushin’ [colonialism, racism, the patriarchy, and cis-heteronormativity]" is ASCC’s annual Valentine’s Day campaign. Each year, tons of anti-colonial, queer, empowering valentines about consent and self-love are handmade and passed out to students and community members.



From 2014-2018, ASCC ran Wilfrid Laurier University's official consent education campaign called, "Consent is Golden" (CiG).

During this time, ASCC created and maintained the website, which offered in-depth and accessible content regarding key components of the campaign.

In addition to running the social media pages, writing the website content and creating ongoing campus-centric campaigns, ASCC also hosted a variety of community consent education workshops through Consent is Golden.

In 2018, the campaign was taken over by the Office of Dispute Resolution at WLU, and we have housed our consent education work on this site. ASCC still maintains a role in the Consent is Golden campaign as we sit on Laurier's Sexual Violence Education Action Team.

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